We provide robust solutions for your small-to-medium business needs, all at an affordable price.

The best part? We do it your way.

Our Mission

Here, our goal is to offer our clients big business solutions at small business prices.


What does that mean?


We work alongside you to help your company grow. Our strengths and capabilities allow you to focus on your business, while we focus on your digital marketing, digital presence, and beyond.

Maybe you're starting a business, and you just need a simple website. Maybe you need a full software suite to help you manage your products, shipping, and customers.


You might even want to improve your social media reach, be that through content or paid advertisements. Your website doesn't show up on Google, but your competitor's does. Do you know what to do? We do.


If one of these use cases hit home, you're in the right place.

Welcome to Fortnight Solutions.

Standard Solutions

Website Building and Editing

Building a website takes time. You don't always have time, or the passion. We get it. We will build and host your site for you, plus custom branding and a functioning back end. 

Social Media and Content Solutions

Centralize your social media interaction. Post ads. Respond to customers. This doesn't have to take your entire day. We have solutions to give you your time back.

CRM and Lead Management Services

Getting customers in the door is only the first step. Performing well at followup and retention grows your business. We offer integrated solutions to stream line your workflow.


Search Engine

Get found and stay found. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a buzz word in today's world. We can work behind the scenes to help you show up higher on search engine results.

Custom Solutions

db diagram.jpg
Database Services

Database design and management solutions 

Data Scraping

Data scraping tools and management solutions 

api symbol.png
API Services

Custom API configuration and management


Custom data processing and reporting solutions